I'm team SELF-CONFIDENCE - are you with me?

I’m Team SELF-CONFIDENCE – Are You With Me?

Insecurities. Let’s face it: we’ve all got them. I am not here to tell you how to get rid of them, but to encourage you to not let them stop you… To take on whatever life brings that takes you closer to your definition of happiness. Yeah, cheesy, I know 🙃. But before you start rolling your eyes at me, hear me out.

Insecurities are closely related to uncertainty, to the possibility of a feared event being the outcome of a process. In my personal experience, positive results greatly outnumber the negative.

I went from being a shy introverted kid thinking everyone was talking behind my back to finding myself in situations that forced me to basically take the bull by the horns, put my fears aside and not give a 💩 what anyone thought about me. I started volunteering in role plays and signing up for team sports I pretty much sucked at (probably not the best idea tbh ✌🏼) and ended up applying to jobs in countries I had never even been to and booking transatlantic flights a couple weeks in advance just for the fun of it! And believe me when I say it took the best of me to ignore that little voice warning me of all the risky and traumatic experiences I was likely to have to go through if something didn’t really go as planned… so I figured that instead of ignoring it, I could shut up that little demon by slightly lowering my expectations and enjoying the actual process, regardless the outcome. Let me just say… hands down, BEST DECISION EVAAAA 🙌🏼.

It didn’t take long before I was known as the crazy impulsive friend, the social butterfly of the team, or the brave daughter that left her family and old life behind to find a more exciting and fulfilling future and actually succeeding at it. Despite all the warnings, fears (THEY WERE THERE AND VERY REAL), and complications along the way, it has all been SOOOO worth it 🖤.

By no means do I want you to believe it was an effortless and smooth road to run. I got my heart broken, felt lonely multiple times, and went through very stressful and frustrating phases…

However, I have also learned to heal, become more independent, and be more organized… all the growth, happy and sad tears, stories and adventures that these experiences have led to are so invaluable. They have played a major role in who I am today, in the self-confidence I have developed and in the amazing opportunities I have come across. I have made friends that are more like siblings to me, and kept them close as ever despite the distance❤️. I have a promising career that might soon help me fulfill my biggest dream. I have made the decision to stay single for a while and feel extremely lucky and loved. But most importantly, I have learned to take care of myself, appreciate what used to bother me, and see the beauty in what makes me different 💃🏻.

Funny thing is, most of those things that were initially pulling me back never happened. Just once or twice did everything blow up in my face big time. The majority of times I gave it a try, either nothing really happened or my life took a 180 turn for the better (or “the different but still great”).

As of today, I am so grateful of having taken so many shots (like, SO MANY). I grew up surrounded by change and adapting to new environments quickly, so I need a certain level of dynamism in my life that I wouldn’t dare getting close to if I hadn’t decided to go through it all like I did.

It is all so relative and uncertain. Of course we all want to ace that interview, make the right choice, get a date with our crush, and make the best first impression. But guess what? Even if you do, there is no way to know for sure it will lead to the best road for you. And if you don’t… it’s actually not the end of the world! 📢NOT EVEN CLOSE. And in no time you’ll be looking back on it and laughing at having been the drama queen/king you were over something so meaningless in the long run! (👋🏼been there done that)

This is applicable to so many aspects and on multiple levels… it is unfortunately still too common to feel self-conscious about one’s body. What many of us don’t realise is that most people are too concerned about their own looks to judge yours. Chances are they will not even notice whatever flaw you think you have… until you point it out! And if they do, they probably won’t consider it a flaw, because it is actually not! The old definition of “beauty” is outdated and it is slowly being replaced by a more natural and diverse version. How you make others feel is what is really starting to play the main role in the “scale of attraction”. It is so clear and I couldn’t be happier for it. So when you are feeling self-conscious, reflect on the reason for that insecurity and EMBRACE IT 🔥. You’ll come to the conclusion that gratitude and confidence will get you so much further than long legs or a toned stomach.   

Whichever your definition of happiness is, go chase it. Your dreams and fears are probably not the same as mine. That’s why this process is so personal, unique and individual ✨. You’re good to go as long as you are motivated and self-confident.

That being said, my advice is to not hold back and to “be humble as ever but aware of your value” (@thefemalehustlers). I’m team SELF-CONFIDENCE, are you with me? 😎

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  1. Mai says:

    Profundas reflexiones de una mujer que ha vivido muchas cosas sola en distintos paises

  2. […] all sums up in: i) Do your research, ii) Have clear goals, and iii) TRUST (and enjoy!) THE PROCESS. Be confident in every step you take and in every decision you make. […]

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